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1. Wash your hand more frequently, when going back home, before meals, after using the toilet, after when using your hands to cover your nose and mouth during sneezing, using running water, soap or hand wash.

2. Regularly open your windows to let the air circulate.

3. Avoid crowding, during this outbreak, prevent from leaving your house, or crowded places.

4. Living pattern. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, no smoking, less alcohol consumption, go to bed earlier(11 pm the latest) Have a reasonable amount of exercise.

5. Finally, please wear a mask when getting out of you home to a public space, such as church, meeting room, office. shopping centres, gyms, restaurants, library and when taking any public transport. 

This is a message from a Sydney immunologist DR DAN SUAN. 

“Hi, a few people asked me where Australia is at the moment with Covid-19. We reached our 100th case on Tuesday the 10th of March (3 days ago, x-axis), and we now have 199 confirmed cases (y-axis) - I've plotted this point with a red dot. We are testing really well, so it is a fairly accurate number, way MORE ACCURATE than the USA which is on the precipice of a total disaster. It's at a very early part of the curve, but you can see we are doing really well compared to other industrialised nations (we want to be as close to the Japanese, Singaporean curves as possible). The next two weeks are absolutely CRITICAL to the direction of this curve. Total social isolation, complete interpersonal distancing, combined with massively increased testing (which we have just built capacity for this week in our labs) will flatten this curve and save countless Australian lives. We can do this with no vaccine and no effective antivirals. Each individual simply has to make it their personal responsibility to have minimal contact with all other people. Cancel all unnecessary things. I am running my clinics by phone so patients don't have to come to the hospital. We have a narrow window of opportunity to do this, this could not be more urgent. I hope you understand I would not say this if I was not absolutely sure of how critical this is. Please share with your family and friends. Sending lots of love, take care please” ❤️🐾



Staff Specialist Immunologist, Westmead Hospital

Staff Specialist Immunopathologist, NSW Health Pathology

Research Officer, Immunogenomics Lab, Garvan

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