Welcome to the page for samueljiang.com™ ambassador team. Please click the image below to follow us on Instagram.

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We are looking for 6 more people to join our ambassador team, and we have 4 ambassadors now:


Chelsea Partridge

Chief Ambassador


Vidisha Chouhan

Chief Ambassador


Skye Humbert



Alanah Pendlebury



We will only have 2 chief ambassadors.

Please make sure that you are following them and us on Instagram before you fill out the form below.






Chief ambassadors will be in charge of the whole ambassador team. They can nominate people to join their team or remove anyone from their team permanently without asking the samueljiang.com™ management team's opinion. AND any samueljiang.com™ ambassador application must be approved by one of our chief ambassadors and the samueljiang.com™ management team.



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